Sing the Journey 2 CD

Sing the Journey 2 CD

Compiled by Kenneth Nafziger

Performed by Marilyn Houser Hamm, Journey Musicians, Shekinah and Sons Of The Day

Published by: MennoMedia

Imprint: Herald Press

  • CD-Audio
  • 9780836193534
  • Published: October 2006

$15.99 / CAD $21.27

<p>This is the second CD produced and directed by Kenneth Nafziger of hymns from <a href="">Sing the Journey</a>. Featured are guest soloist Marilyn Houser Hamm, the Journey Musicians, Shekinah (an independent female singing group), and Sons of the Day (a group of young men who explore the wide variety of a cappella traditions).</p><p>Continue the journey with these 19 hymns: If you believe and I believe; The Lord is my light; Loving Spirit; Hamba nathi/Come, walk with us; O God in heaven; Longing for light; By the waters of Babylon; Cuando el pobre/When the poor ones; Christís is the world; God remembers pain; Be still; Alleluia, the Great Storm is over; We sing to you, O God; Long before my journeyís start; Just a closer walk with thee; Go, silent friend; If you believe and I believe/O God, we pray this day; Now go in peace; and Like a mother who has borne us.</p><p>Also available with <a href="">Sing the Journey CD</a> as a box set.</p>