Primary Student Leaflets

Primary Student Leaflets

Spring 2021

Published by: MennoMedia

Imprint: Shine

8.40 x 10.90 x 0.10 in

  • Other printed item
  • 9781513807164
  • Published: January 2021

$10.99 / CAD $14.62


This product releases 3 times each year—Winter, Spring, and Fall. A subscription repeats and ships automatically each season. You can edit your subscription each season before it ships to add/remove products and change quantities. 

Primary Leaflets provide a full quarter of colorful, child-friendly activities for children in kindergarten through grade 2 along with a creative retelling of the Bible story. The “Family Fun” page within each weekly leaflet connects church and home. The leaflets are easy to pull apart to send home after each session. Order one for each child, one for each teacher, plus one or two extras to have on hand for guests.

Shine: Living in God’s Light—preparing children, youth, congregations and families to love Jesus, grow in faith, change the world.