Salt & Light Participant

Salt & Light Participant

Fall 2021

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  • Published: July 2021

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God’s Approachable Community                                          
by Reta Halteman Finger                                                               
UNIT 1: Belonging to God.
Sociologists studying the story of the early church often attribute the growth of the church to the sense of belonging that it offered people in a world where belonging was limited to those with such things as property, high status, and birthright. This unit looks at the various ways the Bible makes clear how we belong to God’s people even when we ap­pear to be outsiders. Several of the sessions point out where we as human beings insert distinctions that restrict membership within the community of Christ.                               
UNIT 2: Church Means Assembly.
After over two thousand years of exis­tence as an institution, we can easily take for granted that we know what the church is. This unit invites readers to look at the church from the viewpoint of the community moving into the future. The Greek for church, ekklesia, is a word that the first members associated with an assembly of the people of God, not with religious activity. 
UNIT 3: Open Table Fellowship.
Once one enters the church through bap­tism, the central identity marker for membership is participation in the Lord’s Supper. The opening of God’s people to both Jews and Greeks, men and women, masters and enslaved persons required people previously unaccus­tomed to eating together to sit down at a common table. When we look at the gospel narratives, we see Jesus modeling open table fellowship. In this unit, we will look at the significance of the practice of open table fellowship in the church as a sign of God’s shared abundance, the ministry of reconciliation, and celebration.


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