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Rediscover the Bible, together. The Bible has sustained Anabaptist faith for 500 years and continues to convict, encourage, and transform us as Anabaptists. The Anabaptist Community Bible invites you to read Scripture… READ MORE

40% off The Peace Table Come to God’s peace table, where there’s room for everyone. In these pages, readers young and old will encounter biblically faithful retellings of 140 stories from… READ MORE

To download your Rejoice! subscription: 1. Log in to your MennoMedia account on this page (if you are already logged in, please skip to Step 2. 2. On the “Activity”… READ MORE

Shine Curriculum introduces Shine Everywhere

Shine Curriculum introduces Shine Everywhere

Harrisonburg, VA — Shine Curriculum is introducing a new initiative called Shine Everywhere. Shine Everywhere will provide new avenues of communication between those who create Shine curriculum and the congregations… READ MORE

Unburdened: additional content

Unburdened: A Lenten Journey toward Forgiveness by author Carol Penner offers devotional meditations for Lent and Easter. However, we inadvertently omitted a set of weekly reflections from the book. The… READ MORE