Growing Fifty Shade of Grace

How is the idea for a book born? Let me count the ways.

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Most often in the mind of an author or writer–I often scribble an idea–or lots of them–on a scrap of paper. Sometimes on a blank computer document. Sometimes through lively staff discussions or brainstorms in the lunchroom.

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Fifty Shades of Grace: Stories of Inspiration and Promise was launched in our lunchroom at MennoMedia on Dec. 12, 2012, as an “answer” of sorts to a certain other popular Fifty Shades book.

An email went out soliciting stories. Deadlines were established, with a desired release date of April 15.

Fifty Shades of Grace: Stories of Inspiration and Promise

A designer got busy working on a cover in time for the 2013 Catalog.

Oh, and then in this case, a project manager (me) is assigned to pull the stories and chapters together cohesively.

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Mostly we work with manuscripts electronically, but sometimes, when organizing a book of this nature with more than 50 submissions, you eventually have to print it out and work hands on. At least I do.

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There! It feels more like a book. Funny, since many readers will end up accessing this as an ebook–which is fine!

So the thoughts go full circle–whether electronically or printed–into the minds of readers! and the stories carry us to another place, another time, another world …

“Cold mountain wind roared in my ears. The path through the snow had vanished, along with visibility beyond forty feet. I had no map, no compass, and no idea where the 2,000 foot cliffs were lurking …”


We hope you look for this book April 15 or thereabouts!


Watch this for a lovely quick peek how books are still made in some places. Today many titles can be handled as print on demand only books. MennoMedia has many books available as ebooks through standard sources like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo.

–Melodie Davis, MennoMedia author, columnist, producer, blogger.