Hats off to Resource Advocates!

Resource Advocates are amazing people! We couldn’t do our job at MennoMedia without them. They help to spread the word about new resources and materials, ensuring that our products are promoted in local congregations. They are committed to creating awareness of various resources and how churches can benefit from using them. Most amazingly, Resource Advocates volunteer their time to do so.


Resource advocates enjoy conversation and camaraderie during last year’s conference. Photo by Michael Spory.

Resource Advocates are representatives of the area conferences of Mennonite Church USA. They had their annual meeting this past weekend in Pennsylvania, along with staff from other Mennonite Church USA agencies. Each agency introduced new materials and resources, and the Resource Advocates asked questions. How will a particular resource work with children? How will adults best connect around this topic? What tips can be given to users to make the resources more effective?  This information is taken back to the conferences and shared with others.

Though I was unable to attend this recent meeting, I continue to hear stories of Resource Advocates and their amazing efforts. One Resource Advocate visits various churches to promote MennoMedia’s vacation Bible school materials. This year, Breathe It In: God Gives Life, focuses on Bible stories about God’s life-giving breath, as well as stories about wind that teach us important lessons. The Resource Advocate who promotes this curriculum helps VBS leaders better understand how to use it and how it can be most effective in their VBS programs. In turn, users share helpful ideas regarding how to run a VBS program. Everyone benefits!

Several Resource Advocates write columns in their conference newsletters. These columns review materials available from all the Mennonite Church USA agencies. Through the reviews, people become aware of resources that interest them and will help congregations be effective in their ministry to each other and to the community.

One Resource Advocates visits with new pastors and tells them about the agencies of Mennonite Church USA that she represents.

Amy Gingerich and Ben Penner from MennoMedia attended this weekend’s training. They report feeling lots of excitement from the Resource Advocates around new resources—especially for our new Shine: Living in God’s Light curriculum, vacation Bible School materials, and Dig In: Thirteen Scriptures to Help us Know the Way. Resource Advocates affirmed bringing together print and video materials, as in Dig In, and they can’t wait to know more about what the new Shine curriculum will look like.

So, as you can see, Resource Advocates provide a valuable service to the agencies and their conference congregations. My hat is off to you!

Do you know who your Resource Advocate is? How can they help your congregation in your ministry?

Mary Ann Weber