310,777 Different Items

310,777 is the number of items we counted in our warehouses during our physical inventory last week (around 23,000 more assorted items than we had last year).

Harrisonburg Warehouse
Harrisonburg, VA warehouse

For those who have never had the opportunity to participate in a physical inventory count, it usually takes place once a year when you have a small enough business to hand count your inventory and check those numbers against what you have recorded in your system or on your balance sheet. Here at MennoMedia, we typically go through this process once a year at the end of the year counting everything in both our Waterloo and Harrisonburg warehouses.

Waterloo, ON warehouse
Waterloo, ON warehouse

Yes, we do know it is no where near the end of the calendar year, it is even a month off from our fiscal year end in June. We chose to do our inventory earlier this year to avoid trying to do it while shipping both inventory and staff out to Phoenix for convention.

And no, we didn’t actually count every single one of those books or other products. What we actually did was use calculators and practice our basic math skills for most of them.

How many copies of Mennonite Girls Can Cook Celebrations do you think are in the picture below? (Hint: there are 14 per box)

Skid of Celebrations

A big thank you to all of the wonderful people who helped to count all of that inventory and especially to those who helped re-count some of it after we missed some the first time!

Evan McCarthy
Trade Book Sales & Inventory Manager