Grab a book and hit the beach

It was a hot, steamy day on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica back in May 2009.

Photo by Jarle Naustvik
Photo by Jarle Naustvik

The ocean felt cool and refreshing after spending the morning in a beach chair reading Engaging Anabaptism, an anthology edited by John Roth.

I’d engaged Anabaptism, and then the Pacific Ocean. Now it was time to pick up another Herald Press book. Which one would I choose? My vacation reading stack still included Conrad Kanagy’s Road Signs for the Journey (now out of print), Peter and Elfrieda Dyck’s Up from the Rubble, and others. Plus I was doing morning and evening prayers with Take Our Moments and Our Days, volume 1.

Honestly, I can’t remember the order, but I ended up reading (or skimming) about 10 Herald Press titles that week. You see, immediately after returning from my Costa Rican vacation I was to have an interview for a position as editorial director of Herald Press. So my husband and I went horseback riding, rode ziplines, hiked a volcano, and in between each and every activity I packed in some Herald Press reading.

I admit that wasn’t the kind of reading I typically enjoy on vacations. I often look for lighter fare. But it made for a memorable vacation!

Have you dived in to your summer or vacation reading yet? Here are books to soak up all summer. Most books here are 30% off until July 14!

  • Laugh, cry, love. Repeat. Laughter is Sacred Space: The Not-So-Typical Journey of a Mennonite Actor, by Ted Swartz, is funny, vulnerable, honest. A backstage trek through an artist’s life combines side-splitting reminiscences, heart-rending stories of loss, and hopeful stories of restored faith and love. 30% off on hardback brings the $24.99 book to just $17.52.


  • Caring for a loved one? Relentless Goodbye: Grief and Love in the Shadow of Dementia, by Ginny Horst Burkholder, is a searingly honest journey as Ginny and her husband struggle with his Lewy Body dementia. If you know anyone going through this difficult journey, you or they need this book, applicable for any long-term serious illness or mental diminishment. 30% off.



  • Not that Fifty Shades. Fifty Shades of Grace: Stories of Inspiration and Promise is a collection of inspiring stories about experiencing God’s grace in the midst of everyday life. Each of the fifty uplifting stories explores what grace looks like in action, even in a world jaded by violence and unforgiveness, and how grace can triumph over great tragedy with mercy and hope.


  • Cook it up! Simply in Season cookbook, part of our World Community Cookbook series, is perfect summer reading as well. Last week my CSA package included garlic scapes. A perfect time for me to pull out Simply in Season and get creative with seasonal cooking.


All the best to you this summer!

Amy Gingerich, editorial director

Amy GingerichP.S. You won’t find me again here until October. My family is in the midst of a season of joyful expectation, with a baby due to arrive in mid-July. We’ll reconnect again in October!