Letting Our Little Lights Shine While Getting to Heaven on Roller Skates  

By Mary Ann Weber

Do you look for itsy-bitsy spiders when you pass by drain spouts? Do you notice the wheels on a bus going ’round and ’round? Whenever you pass by a water fountain, do you remember that God’s love is deep and wide? Do you know better, now, what it means to be a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N?91992981

I’ve been thinking a lot about children’s music recently because MennoMedia uses music in many of our curriculum pieces for young people. As an example, go to the Shine: Living in God’s Light Sunday school curriculum website, https://shinecurriculum.com/music/, and check out the free downloads offered each quarter.


We want music that is catchy, memorable, and creative. We want music that reflects that people all over the world love God, and that God loves people all over the world. We want music that acknowledges the community of faith, and music that guides children to form their own faith. We want music with substance, and we want to feature a variety of musical styles. It seems like a tall order, right?

There’s no doubt that music helps to shape us. Think about one of your favorite songs from childhood. Most likely, you still remember the lyrics and the melody. Maybe you even find yourself humming it on occasion. How did the song help to form you? What did you learn from the song?


I’m fascinated by the messages in some of the songs I learned when young and can still relate to some of them. Yes, Jesus loves me. But some songs no longer resonate with my understanding of a life of faith. No, not every moment is a happy one since Jesus set me free. And I wonder about the substance of a song that tells us we’ll roll right by the pearly gates if we try to get to heaven on roller skates.

I’m grateful for songs that continue to inspire throughout my life. For example, when I travel or watch the news, I’m glad that the whole world is in God’s hands. I’m thankful that the world is filled with people who let their little lights shine everywhere they go. And it’s a comfort to know that God’s banner over me (and the whole world) is love.


This is why children’s songs are running through my head. Let’s give children songs that encourage them to love God and follow Jesus. Let’s give them good songs that will help them grow into the people God wants them to be. Let’s give them music that will help them love themselves, their neighbors, and those across the world. Let’s raise our voices and sing!


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Mary Ann Weber
MennoMedia Managing editor