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Studio Session Simply In Season-7560
From the forthcoming Simply in Season Revised edition. Grilled Peach Salsa. Photo by Melissa Hess. Food styling by Cherise Harper.


Mennonite Community Cookbook blog and Third Way website and MennoMedia are announcing a “Best Church Potlucks Ever” photo and “short essay” contest.

Some congregations eat together monthly and even weekly as a way of enhancing fellowship and offering hospitality with shared, regular meals. Here’s one!

If you enjoy potlucks, it is probably for more than the food, as fun and intriguing as that can be. What happens at your potluck besides the food? We’d like you to answer that question in 50 words or less. Longer than that, maybe we can use it as a blog post!

To collect photos for use on its websites, MennoMedia is sponsoring the photo contest, with Mennonite cookbooks as prizes, ranging in value from $19.99 to $29.99 USD.


Here are the instructions:

  • Take a mouthwateringly good photo of a food dish.
  • Secure permission to share the name of the person who made the dish; by email, submit the photo; the names of the photographer, cook, and church; and church address (photo should be saved and emailed as a JPG).
  • Additionally, in your email send a statement of 50 words or less stating why your church enjoys eating together. What happens at your potluck besides the food?
  • By submitting a photo and statement, you give permission for your entry to possibly be used in a future blog post for Mennonite Community Cookbook blog (www.mennonitecommunitycookbook.com) and on the Third Way website (www.thirdway.com)
  • Winners will be drawn from all entrants.
  • Deadline is June 15, 2015, 11:59 p.m.
  • Send to Third Way and Mennonite Community Cookbook blog editor Melodie Davis at [email protected]

A grand prize winner will receive a copy of the new 2015 Mennonite Community Cookbook 65th Anniversary Edition. Three winners will receive their choice of these five Herald Press cookbooks: Simply in Season, More-with-Less, Extending the Table, Mennonite Girls Can Cook Celebrations, or Saving the Seasons.

Persons or churches do not have to be Mennonite to enter or win, but the contest is especially seeking Mennonite entries. If you don’t have a church potluck coming up, persons can photograph dishes from a small group or Sunday school potluck or picnic.

I hope to see those yummy photos come rolling into my email! They don’t have to be perfect or like a food stylist set it up, but enticing!

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Melodie Davis, Managing Editor


In a couple of weeks look for my Another Way newspaper column on Third Way website on the topic: “What Happens at Church Potlucks Besides Food,” and why some people are NOT such big potluck fans.