Popular ‘Meditations’ series rereleased with new covers

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July 29, 2015

Herald Press to publish three redesigned volumes in early August

HARRISONBURG, Va. and KITCHENER, Ontario—Three more devotional books in the bestselling Herald Press Meditations series are being released in redesigned and resized volumes. On August 1, Meditations for the Newly Married, Meditations for Adoptive Parents, and Meditations for Single Moms will all be rereleased.

Each of the books in the long-running Meditation series walks readers through a month of daily devotions. The authors include a variety of elements, including poetry—both original and quoted—as well as prayers and scriptural meditations.

The books now feature new covers with fresh designs, similar to the three books in the series that were rereleased earlier this year. The volumes have also been reformatted to fit a standard 5 x 8-inch devotional size.

Meditations for the Newly Married, with over 100,000 copies in print, was first published in 1977.With a focus on Scripture, author John M. Drescher, a prolific Christian writer, uses Scripture to guide newlyweds through the early days and weeks of marriage.

Meditations for the Newly Married, New EditionDrescher was the author of over 35 books, including the bestselling If I Were Starting My Family Again. He also wrote many articles focused on Christian issues, relationships, and families for numerous magazines. One Amazon reviewer, J.P. Anderson wrote, “My wife and I were given this book for a wedding gift 33 years ago. We took it on our honeymoon and read from it daily. It was a marriage saver!”

Vernell Klassen Miller’s Meditations for Adoptive Parents, first released in 1992, celebrates adoption as sacred and provides spiritual nourishment through prayers, readings, and Scripture. Miller draws from her own experience as an adoptive mother of four in her meditations.

Meditations for Adoptive Parents, New Edition

Herald Press editorial director Amy Gingerich notes that devotional books on becoming a parent are numerous but that “there is very little for Christian parents in the way of preparing for adoption.” The book is directed to those considering adoption, those who have already adopted, and extended families of adoptive parents.

In Meditations for Single Moms, author Susanne Coalson Donoghue reaches out to a demographic sometimes ignored by Christian publishing: women raising children with no father in the picture. Through Scripture, readings, and personal stories, Donoghue shares about grace, reliance on community, and the beauty of family.

Meditations for Single Moms, New Edition

“Her own powerful story starts with feeling hurt, lonely, and desperate as a single mother,” says Gingerich of this volume. “She moves on to being a confident and love-filled Christian, deeply grateful for the opportunity to raise a promising child of God.”

Praise for the Meditations series comes from Dr. Kevin Leman, psychologist and author of more than 50 books: “This classic Meditations series from Herald Press has already spoken to millions of readers.”

Meditations for the Newly Married, Meditations for Adoptive Parents, and Meditations for Single Moms are available for $7.99 USD each from MennoMedia at 800-245-7894 or www.MennoMedia.org, as well as at bookstores everywhere.

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