Pastor and biblical scholar Meghan Larissa Good offers new light on old stories in The Bible Unwrapped

News Release

October 8, 2018

Pastor and biblical scholar Meghan Larissa Good offers new light on old stories in The Bible Unwrapped

HARRISONBURG, Va. — Many people, Christians and non-Christians alike, have questions about the Bible that they are too afraid to ask. In a new book, The Bible Unwrapped: Making Sense of Scripture Today (Herald Press, October 9), Meghan Larissa Good helps readers consider why the Bible matters. The book tackles dozens of difficult questions about passages in the Bible, drawing from the best of contemporary biblical scholarship and the ancient well of Christian tradition. Good is teaching pastor at Trinity Mennonite Church in Glendale, Arizona.

Good has earned a reputation for imaginatively engaging the Bible as a window into God’s wide world. Delving into issues like biblical authority, literary genre, and Christ-centered hermeneutics, Good calls readers beyond both knee-jerk biblicism and skeptical disregard. “The most common question teenagers ask me about religion is, ‘Why should I even care what the Bible has to say?’” writes Good. The Bible Unwrapped serves as her answer. “Between the lines of its obscure laws and strange and unexpected stories, the Bible forms inspired imagination for the God-shaped possibilities of the world,” Good writes. “In it we learn what God’s activity has looked like in the past so that we will recognize it when it is unfolding right in front of us. We discover what God sounds like so that we can hear when God continues to speak.”

Leonard Sweet, bestselling author and scholar, says about The Bible Unwrapped, “Do not let this unique gift pass by unopened and unenjoyed.” Dottie Escobedo-Frank, pastor and author, adds, “You need this book in your church, and in your work with people who are searching for answers. It is the missing piece for our discussions on the Bible.” Gregory A. Boyd, author, theologian, and founding pastor of Woodland Hills Church, is writing a foreword for the book.

Good has degrees from Gordon College, Duke Divinity School, and Portland Seminary. She is a frequent speaker around such topics as biblical hermeneutics, emerging Anabaptism, and the church’s generation gap.

To schedule an interview with Good, contact LeAnn Hamby at 540‑908‑3941 or [email protected]. The Bible Unwrapped is available from Herald Press for $17.99 (paperback) and $13.99 (ebook) via 800 245 7894 and at the Herald Press webstore,, Amazon, and other online sources. Canadian customers can order from CommonWord (877 846 1593), Parasource (800 263 2664), and elsewhere.