Downloadable Resources Available for Churches

MennoMedia puts digital curriculum online

HARRISONBURG, Va. — When churches started closing their doors to keep their congregation safe from the pandemic, MennoMedia stepped in the gap by providing free downloadable curriculum materials for congregants to use at home. The “Staying Connected + Staying Safe with MennoMedia” email with these resources has gone out to hundreds of churches every Wednesday since the “shelter-in-place” or “stay at home” directives were given. These emails included links to free downloads of the Adult Bible Study, Rejoice devotional, Shine materials, and other helpful resources.

“Since so many congregations purchased Spring curriculum they could no longer use in person, we wanted to provide ways they could still use it at home,” said Amy Gingerich, MennoMedia publisher. “This pandemic hit everyone hard, and we wanted to do what we could to help churches through it.”

Although “stay home” orders are beginning to lift in different areas, some congregations have no plans to resume in-person meetings in the immediate future. Digital downloads of curriculum materials are a safe solution.

Beginning June 1, MennoMedia will transition from providing free curriculum on a weekly basis to offering quarterly digital curriculum available for purchase on both for U.S. customers and for Canadians. Any congregations that have already purchased the print versions can contact Customer Service for download access to the digital files at no extra charge.

“We have long dreamed about digital delivery, so this new initiative allows us to try out some fresh ideas,” Gingerich added.

Here are the products that are now available digitally:

Adult Bible Study

Student Book                                                      $7.70 USD / $10.24 CAD

Teacher Guide                                                    $11.55 USD / $15.33 CAD

Spanish Study Book & Teacher Guide                     $18.00 USD / $23.95 CAD

Rejoice                                                                               $6.70 USD / $8.90 CAD

Leader                                                                                $10.55 USD / $14.00 CAD

Purchase is for individual use only. Not to be reproduced or shared with others. 


Early Childhood Stories/ Story Pictures                   $9.99 USD / $13.29 CAD

Shine On Stories / Illustrations                               $9.99 USD / $13.29 CAD

Multiage Teacher Guide (zip file)                           $14.99 USD / $19.94 CAD

Junior Youth Teacher (w/ student pages)                  $36.99 USD / $49.20 CAD

Year 6 Primary-Junior Youth Songbook/Songs         $19.99 USD / $26.59 CAD

2020 VBS

VBS 2020 Digital Upgrade (for use with Boxed set purchase)  $29.99 USD / $39.89 CAD

While weekly “Staying Connected + Staying Safe with MennoMedia” will no longer provide free curriculum downloads, it will continue providing resources and ideas for congregations during this worldwide crisis. To subscribe to that weekly email list, click here or email [email protected].