Author: Amy Gingerich

Faith Formation with Children

Last week was Pentecost, that time each year when we remember the Holy Spirit coming upon those first believers with a rush of wind and “tongues, as of fire.” Talking… READ MORE

Extending beyond our boundaries

Ben and Heather Kulp’s 6-week challenge to cook exclusively from Extending the Table Cookbook. By Ben and Heather Kulp We made a ceremony of it. The first night of our… READ MORE

The Mother of All Mennonite Cookbooks

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Except when you can. At Herald Press we have a 64-year-old gem of a cookbook, called Mennonite Community Cookbook. Compiled by Mary… READ MORE

Let your light shine

Any time we at MennoMedia launch a new product, there is always a bit of trepidation and second guessing. Is this really the product the market wanted? Did we listen… READ MORE

How to Launch a New Book

The day dawned crisp and bright, the author stood at the ready with pen in hand, and the books had been carefully arranged in two neat stacks.   It was show… READ MORE

Name That Tune

It’s early on a weekday morning and here I am working away with a pitch pipe in one hand and a hymnal in another. My desk is littered with music—hymnals… READ MORE

The Things of Christmas

Right now my kitchen counter is full of cookbooks, menus, and lists as my family gets ready to host a variety of guests over Christmas and New Year’s. So today… READ MORE

A New Season: After Maternity Leave

It’s a fascinating thing to step away from a job for 10½ weeks. Those projects you never thought would be complete? Someone finished them. That final endorsement? It arrived. Deadlines… READ MORE