Author: Valerie Weaver Zercher

Being Howard Zehr

Nationally known restorative justice practitioner sujatha baliga tells this story of how she met Herald Press author Howard Zehr. It was 2007, and baliga had invited Zehr to speak at… READ MORE

Get Ready to Chase the Amish Dream

In case you hadn’t noticed, a long line of people stands ready to tell you Amish stories. They include: Producers of Amish-themed reality TV shows. Tourist-venue operators. Writers of Amish… READ MORE

A Primer in Publishing Geekspeak

Every industry has its shoptalk, and publishing is no exception. While I don’t think of my editorial work at Herald Press as very specialized—mostly I just help writers say what… READ MORE

Reconcile: The Backstory

Twenty years ago, as a student at Eastern Mennonite University, I had John Paul Lederach as a professor. Like many of his students then (at EMU) and now (at the… READ MORE

Herald Press: Just Keepin’ It Real

The first time I read the phrase “just keepin’ it real” on a friend’s blog a few years ago, I didn’t know what it meant. I honestly had to use context… READ MORE

Authors Don’t Just Write. They Listen.

I have been privileged to attend several Herald Press author functions in the last week. Each event has reminded me of the compelling conversations that occur between authors and readers…. READ MORE