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If you love potlucks read this

  Mennonite Community Cookbook blog and Third Way website and MennoMedia are announcing a “Best Church Potlucks Ever” photo and “short essay” contest. Some congregations eat together monthly and even weekly as… READ MORE

Donated Dollars at Work by Steve Carpenter

This picture, although out of focus, captures the joy of a young Hispanic girl receiving her very own copy of Resplandece, a Spanish language children’s story Bible. This beautiful, full… READ MORE

Passing Faith On by Steve Carpenter

My wife Chris and I have entered a new phase of life. We are grandparents. More specifically, we are Opa and Oma, terms of endearment from my wife’s German roots…. READ MORE

A Magnifying Glass for the Future

I keep a very cheap child’s magnifying glass on my desk. It’s the remnant prop that I used in co-leading a workshop last May. It never quite got put away… READ MORE

Engaging the Jesus Way

Are Anabaptists ready to rock and roll? Truly ready? We live in a time when the larger church is interested in articulating positions around peace, reconciliation, and simple living, among… READ MORE