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Passing Faith On by Steve Carpenter

My wife Chris and I have entered a new phase of life. We are grandparents. More specifically, we are Opa and Oma, terms of endearment from my wife’s German roots…. READ MORE

A Magnifying Glass for the Future

I keep a very cheap child’s magnifying glass on my desk. It’s the remnant prop that I used in co-leading a workshop last May. It never quite got put away… READ MORE

Engaging the Jesus Way

Are Anabaptists ready to rock and roll? Truly ready? We live in a time when the larger church is interested in articulating positions around peace, reconciliation, and simple living, among… READ MORE

Chocolate éclairs and new curriculum

Guest post from Rose Stutzman, Shine Project Director. When my older children were in high school, they loved to bake. When someone mentioned chocolate éclairs, I warned them that it… READ MORE

Extending beyond our boundaries

Ben and Heather Kulp’s 6-week challenge to cook exclusively from Extending the Table Cookbook. By Ben and Heather Kulp We made a ceremony of it. The first night of our… READ MORE

The Mother of All Mennonite Cookbooks

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Except when you can. At Herald Press we have a 64-year-old gem of a cookbook, called Mennonite Community Cookbook. Compiled by Mary… READ MORE

Let your light shine

Any time we at MennoMedia launch a new product, there is always a bit of trepidation and second guessing. Is this really the product the market wanted? Did we listen… READ MORE

Why I wrote ‘Ordinary Miracles’

Guest Blog Post by Rachel Gerber, author of Ordinary Miracles: Awakening to the Holy Work of Parenting, Herald Press, March, 2014. Rachel and her two oldest sons. Photo by Jen… READ MORE