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Why are we investing in books?

Before I begin, I have to make a full disclosure: I’m a book-lover. I love the feel, the design and the texture of a well-designed and well-written book. As a… READ MORE

God Still Uses Ink (and More)

Recently, I attended the Pacific South West Mennonite Conference’s (PSWMC) Winter Delegate Session, held at First Mennonite Church, Upland, Calif., one of 21 area conferences in Mennonite Church USA. I… READ MORE

How to Launch a New Book

The day dawned crisp and bright, the author stood at the ready with pen in hand, and the books had been carefully arranged in two neat stacks.   It was show… READ MORE

Why I don’t Twitter

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone.” -Blaise Pascal, Pensées I wonder what Pascal would have thought about Twitter. His Pensées or… READ MORE

A Christmas I’ll never forget

If my brother had not lost his harmonica, we might have missed the whole thing. It was Christmas Eve, 1968, and I was 11. My oldest brother, a Bob Dylan… READ MORE

The Things of Christmas

Right now my kitchen counter is full of cookbooks, menus, and lists as my family gets ready to host a variety of guests over Christmas and New Year’s. So today… READ MORE

A Personal Best!

Steve Carpenter How many church services have you gone to in one day? I wasn’t trying for a record, but recently I spent a week in Minnesota for my work… READ MORE

Art + Words = Graphic Novels

By Mary Ann Weber At one point in my life I would never have imagined that I’d ever read a graphic novel. But then I met Jerry, who eventually became… READ MORE