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Resonate now one year into its work

News Release: September 19, 2017 Resonate now one year into its work Various products in the collection come into focus HARRISONBURG, VIRGINIA—Members of the Mennonite Worship and Song Committee are… READ MORE

Engaging the Jesus Way

Are Anabaptists ready to rock and roll? Truly ready? We live in a time when the larger church is interested in articulating positions around peace, reconciliation, and simple living, among… READ MORE

Rebooting for Today’s Leaders

A few years ago I visited my parents’ congregation in Pennsylvania during Advent and immediately recognized that their church was using the same visuals and worship resources as my own… READ MORE

Grab a book and hit the beach

It was a hot, steamy day on the sandy beaches of Costa Rica back in May 2009. The ocean felt cool and refreshing after spending the morning in a beach… READ MORE