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Third Way’s 2016 Top 10 Quirky Queries

News Release December 21, 2016 Third Way’s 2016 Top 10 Quirky Queries Bonus list: Top 10 questions worth pondering HARRISONBURG, Va., and KITCHENER, Ont.—Many millions of people will never pick… READ MORE

MennoMedia revamps Third Way website

News release June 3, 2015 Website continues to inform and provide resources about Mennonites HARRISONBURG, Va. and KITCHENER, Ontario—For almost two decades, Third Way website has supported seekers in learning… READ MORE

Best Media Reviews in Mennoniteville

Do you delight in going to the movies, or watching DVDs, or streaming “not-current-run” shows or old TV series at home? Or maybe you enjoy winsome, meaningful, offbeat music that… READ MORE