FAQ: The Anabaptist Bible Project

1. How can I participate in this project?  The easiest way to participate is to form a Study Group in your Anabaptist faith community and to register using the QR code or by going to www.anabaptismat500.com.  There you will find further instructions for the next steps.

2. Can my church have more than one Study Group?  Yes! We are not limiting the number of groups that can participate from a church. 

3. Can I form a group outside of my church?  Yes! We have used the language of “faith communities” but this can be defined broadly. We have groups participating who are part of Anabaptist retirement centers, highschool Bible classes, and on-line family bible studies. 

4. Can Anabaptist churches outside of North America participate?  Yes! Although this project is focused primarily on Anabaptist faith communities within North America, we would be delighted if groups outside of North America also choose to participate. The insights, reflections, and questions submitted by the Study Groups will be translated into English.

5. What is the deadline for registering my Study Group?  The best thing is to register as soon as possible. But the final registration deadline for Study Groups is April 1 2023.

6. How do I know what passage to study?  When you register your Study Group, the Anabaptism at 500 staff will send you a Study Group Leaders Guide, with instructions for how to organize your Study Group, along with a Participant Guide for members of the group.  We will also send you 3 passages of Scripture–Old Testament; New Testament; and Psalms/Proverbs–for your group to study and respond to.

7. Can my group pick its own scripture passage?  No. We have divided the entire Bible into 500 groups of scriptures, each consisting of a passage from the Old Testament, the New Testament and Psalms/Proverbs. The passages are assigned in order as groups are registered.

8. What translation of the Bible should we use?  Study Groups are free to use the translation that you feel most comfortable with. The Anabaptist Bible, however, will appear in the Common English Bible translation, so groups might consider using this translation for their study.

9. What language will the Bible be in?  The final Anabaptist bible product will be printed in English. Bible study groups are welcome to submit their Bible study notes in Spanish, French or Bahasa Indonesian.

10. When is the deadline to submit our Bible study notes? We are encouraging all Bible study groups to submit their insights and reflections to us (via website or email directly to John) within two weeks of their last Bible study session. The final deadline to submit the marginal notes is June 1, 2023. 

Further questions? Contact [email protected]