Churches around the world are gathering again. Here is your chance to get everything you need to use the music from Voices Together, even if you didn’t buy the hymnals. For a limited time, get the projection, accompaniment, and worship leader editions all for the price of just the projection edition.

Projection Edition: $499 USD ($674.99 CAN) 

Accompaniment Edition$89.99 USD / $121.99 CAD FREE 

Worship Leader Edition$19.99 USD / $26.99 CAD FREE

TOTAL for all 3: $499 USD ($674.99 CAN) 

SAVE $109.98 USD ($148.98 CAD)

Offer available in the U.S. and Canada only.

Off expires September 30, 2022. Use code MONTH at checkout.

Get the Pew Edition

The pew edition of Voices Together is designed for congregational and personal use. This collection contains more than 750 songs and 300 worship resources, and worship resources like child blessing and communion.

Voices Together Pew Edition is NOT included in the discount.