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Lamenting Racism

Racism feeds on denial. Lament moves us to tell the truth. And the truth can set us free.

In this six-week video series, a team of leading pastors and theologians invite us into the transformative and motivating practice of biblical lament as a powerful way to confront racism.

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The End of Religion

New Expanded Edition with five additional chapters

Accompanying Study Guide available for pre-order

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Sustainable Kitchen

Cook more healthfully, eat more sustainably, live more faithfully.

We know that daily food choices help or harm our bodies, families, communities, and planet. But it’s not always easy to find resources that enable us to grow, shop for, prepare, cook, and eat food in ways that connect us to our Creator and creation. Dietitian Heather Wolfe and designer Jaynie McCloskey bring years of experience in holistic nutrition, health coaching, homesteading, and scratch cooking to this practical guide for home cooks.

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