The work of dismantling racism doesn’t happen overnight.

Been in the Struggle nurtures, challenges, and fosters the work and witness of dismantling racism for the long haul. Filled with wisdom and insight from nearly three decades of partnering across racial lines in this work, authors Regina Shands Stoltzfus and Tobin Miller Shearer offer a powerful mix of practical direction and poignant reflection to empower and sustain those working to dismantle racism, regardless of their stage on the journey.

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Not Quite Fine: Mental Health, Faith, and Showing Up for One Another

A practical guide for people who care.

In Not Quite Fine, author Carlene Hill Byron tackles the mounting dilemmas that pastors and churches face around mental health. How can the church step up for such a time as this?

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The Space Between Us: Conversations about Transforming Conflict

Engage conflict to strengthen connections and build understanding.

Conflict is inevitable. But rather than approaching conflicts as threats or problems to be solved, what if we could see our disagreements as opportunities for personal growth?

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