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Shine, Summer 2024


Path to Peace with Creation allows teachers and children to follow the peace paths in The Peace Table: A Storybook Bible. The curriculum includes faith formation materials for PreK–Kindergarten and Elementary age levels for 15 sessions. (There is no Junior Youth component to this curriculum.)

Leader guides are available in both print and digital formats for $59.99 USD each. Both include access to music and other digital resources. Each age-level leader guide includes black and white printable student pages, two per session (one for younger children and one for older children).

While these flexible units are great for use during the summer, they are undated and can be used any time of year.

Path to Peace with Creation: PreK-Kindergarten SKU Qty. Price
Path to Peace with Creation: PreK-Kindergarten 9781513814612 $59.99
Path to Peace with Creation: PreK-Kindergarten (Digital) 9781513814629 $59.99
Path to Peace with Creation: Elementary SKU Qty. Price
Path to Peace with Creation: Elementary 9781513814636 $59.99
Path to Peace with Creation: Elementary (Digital) 9781513814643 $59.99

Churches can extend learning with a deck of 52 “Follow the Peace Path” Cards. The cards are packed with ideas for families to do at home together. These cards are a great way to stay connected with families and provide parents and caregivers with an easy and fun faith formation resource. Click to view sample cards. Consider purchasing one pack for every family in your congregation. Price per card deck is $10.99 USD.

Peace with Creation: Follow the Peace Path Cards SKU Qty. Price
Path to Peace with Creation: "Follow the Peace Path" Cards 9781513814650 $10.99

The Peace Table is an excellent resource for families and faith communities who want their children to love Jesus, grow in faith, and become peacemakers who change the world!

Click here to view sample pages.

Order 12 or more and receive 20% off!

This resource can be shipped in case quantities of 12. If you would like to order even case quantities, please order in multiples of 12.

The Peace Table SKU Qty. Price
The Peace Table 9781513812267 $32.99

Children & Youth

Wee Wonder: Sharing God's Love With Twos SKU Qty. Price
Wee Wonder Boxed Set 9780836195507 $159.99
Wee Wonder Leader's Guide 9780836195019 $32.99
Wee Wonder Music CD 9780836195439 $12.99
Bible Activity Cards 1 9780836195316 $12.99
Bible Activity Cards 2 9780836195323 $12.99
Bible Activity Cards 3 9780836195330 $12.99
Bible Activity Cards 4 9780836195347 $12.99
Bible Activity Cards 5 9780836195354 $12.99
Bible Activity Cards 6 9780836195361 $12.99
Bible Activity Cards 7 9780836195378 $12.99
Bible Activity Cards 8 9780836195385 $12.99
Bible Activity Cards 9 9780836195392 $12.99
Bible Activity Cards 10 9780836195408 $12.99
Generation Why (Digital) SKU Qty. Price
Who is God? (Digital Download) 9781513809175 $20.99
How To Be A True Friend (Digital Download) 9781513809182 $20.99
The Radical Reign (Digital Download) 9781513809199 $20.99
Clueless and Called (Digital Download) 9781513809205 $20.99
Do The Right Thing (Digital Download) 9781513809212 $20.99
Keeping the Garden (Digital Download) 9781513809229 $20.99
How to Read the Bible (Digital Download) 9781513809236 $20.99
God is a Warrior? (Digital Download) 9781513809243 $20.99
A Speck in the Universe (Digital Download) 9781513809250 $20.99
Do Miracles Happen? (Digital Download) 9781513809267 $20.99
Testing the Waters (Digital Download) 9781513809274 $20.99
Mantras, Menorahs, and Minarets (Digital Download) 9781513809281 $20.99
Fight Right (Digital Download) 9781513809298 $20.99
Salt, Light, and the Good Life (Digital Download) 9781513809304 $20.99
How Do You Know? (Digital Download) 9781513809311 $20.99



Rejoice Digital Edition is available here.

Rejoice! SKU Qty. Price
Rejoice! 9781513812236 $10.20
Leader Magazine SKU Qty. Price
Leader Magazine 9781513812250 $12.25

Adults and Leaders

Salt & Light: Bible Study for Anabaptist Christians SKU Qty. Price
Salt & Light Participant 9781513812199 $8.75
Salt & Light Leader 9781513812212 $12.90
Salt & Light Large Print 9781513812205 $11.55
Salt & Light Large Print 9781513812205 $11.55