Seekers in Sneakers

Shine: Living in God’s Light Vacation Bible School curriculum incorporates the same approach to Christian faith formation as its Sunday school curriculum. Faith formation is a lifelong process of developing a relationship with God. This relationship is nurtured within family and faith communities. Intentional faith formation experiences, such as Vacation Bible School, help children grow in their understanding of God’s love for them. The Summer 2024 VBS, Seekers in Sneakers: Discover Jesus!, is available for purchase December 2023.

Key elements of faith formation found in Shine’s Vacation Bible School curriculum:

  • Relationship building: As children arrive at VBS each day, small group leaders guide children in activities designed to build community and create a feeling of belonging.
  • Gathered worship: Children of all ages gather to sing, pray, and watch a dramatic presentation of the Bible story.
  • Spiritual practices: Spiritual practices are included each day, including music, Bible memorization, and different ways of praying.
  • Centrality of the Bible story: The Bible story is shared and explored in multiple ways each day—through drama, scripture memorization, hands-on activities, music, full-body movement, writing, art, and reflection.
  • Wondering questions: Children are invited to reflect on the Bible stories using open-ended wondering questions. These questions show a respect for children’s interpretations and their ideas.
  • Discovery-based learning: Activities in the three response stations promote creative, discovery-based learning.
  • Child-centered approach: Activities are child-centered and attend to individual learning styles. The curriculum materials anticipate the diversity of needs that children have.
  • Invitation to respond: Children are challenged to take action that demonstrates care for others and for the world.

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No used/damaged (etc.) items credited.

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