Lamenting Racism

Racism feeds on denial. Lament moves us to tell the truth. And the truth can set us free.

Stories of racial injustice fill our news feeds. Yet for too long many in the church have been hesitant to speak up about racism in its many forms. We fear offending others, of using the wrong words, of not knowing what to say.

In Lamenting Racism, a team of leading pastors and theologians invite us into the transformative and motivating practice of biblical lament as a powerful way to confront racism. Through their conversations in six thought-provoking videos, they name that God’s people of every race are called to consider how we have been shaped and formed by race, and they guide us into experiencing lament as an anti-racism practice.

Encouraging congregations to reclaim the lost art of biblical lament, these pastors and theologians model a powerful way to pour out the fear, shame, grief, and rage of racism as we cry out to God in prayer. In the process, we will be transformed and motivated to reclaim hope and to act for a world shaped by God’s inclusive vision of love and blessing.

This six-session study invites church groups to engage in the practice of biblical lament as a powerful tool in the church’s struggle against racism.

Lamenting Racism calls us to sit in the dust and lament with those who are suffering the institutional sins of racism. This six-part series helps the faith community reclaim lament with the hope of turning tears of pain caused by racism into tears of joy for hearing each other.”

Miguel de la Torre, professor of social ethics and Latinx studies at Iliff School of Theology

Leader’s Guide

Six Session Video Series

Participant Journal

How it Works

The Leader’s Guide includes instructions, prayers, and questions to be used with groups before and after the videos. The Participant Journal serves as the guide for each of the group members. It lists Bible passages keyed to the video teachings, space for note taking and the written responses structured into the group time, and numerous additional resources. The Leader’s Guide and Participant Journal are available in paperback and ebook formats, as well as a printable pdf to enable journaling and notetaking.

Each of the six videos are 15-20 minutes long and available for online streaming.

Purchase of the Lamenting Racism Video Access includes licensing for group viewings of up to 50 people. If you wish to show the videos to groups larger than 50, please purchase according to the size of the group (example: a group of 200 should purchase a quantity of 4). The participant journals (in every format) are intended for individual use. The Lamenting Racism videos and books may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in whole or in part, in any form, by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without prior permission.

Lamenting Racism is a timely and accessible resource for congregations that see antiracism as a call to discipleship. [This series] offers a welcoming seat in the circle to cry out, repent, and let your voices be heard to the One who hears and acts with and for us.”

Sue Park-Hur, denominational minister of transformative Peacemaking for Mennonite Church USA

Session Previews

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Session 1: Voicing Pain & Rage
Session 2: The Air We Breathe
Session 3: God on Racism
Session 4: Can You Hear Me
Session 5: It’s Getting Personal
Session 6: We’ve Only Just Begun