About Us

MennoMedia, an agency of Mennonite Church USA and Mennonite Church Canada, seeks to engage and shape church and society with resources for living Christian faith from an Anabaptist perspective.

At MennoMedia we publish highly readable, thoughtful curricula and books that call readers to follow Jesus in word and deed.

We publish resources about Christian discipleship, spirituality, reconciliation, justice, and theology from an Anabaptist perspective, and our products reach a broad spectrum of evangelical, mainline, and Anabaptist readers.

Our MennoMedia curricula, periodicals, and hymnals reach congregations that share these same affinities, cultivating passion for faith formation and an active life of discipleship rooted in trusting God and following Jesus.

Our Herald Press books support the spiritual life of Christians and inform thoughtful faith and action.

Shop for MennoMedia products at either our U.S. online store or our Canadian online store.