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Summer 2021

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  • Published: April 2021

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As we “round the corner” and emerge from the pandemic precautions and restrictions, leaders and congregations are evaluating a host of ministries and ways to engage with each other and their communities. What are the opportunities to establish healthy boundaries for familial, congregational, and community relationships? How can leaders take care of themselves as they relate to their congregations and community members who have many needs? How can congregations teach the concept of healthy boundaries in age-appropriate ways, rooted in biblical, Anabaptist principles, and incorporate healthy boundaries into our mission? 
And God said: A biblical theology of healthy boundaries
by David B. Miller
Addressing boundary violations between congregational members
by David Driedger
Power that empowers: Teaching and modeling the healthy use of power in congregations by Dayna Olson-Getty
Work-life integration: Work and home life boundaries in the same place
by Mollee Moua
All Saints’ Day: Lifting the veil: A reflection
by Anonymous
Question: What have you learned about establishing and maintaining boundaries?
by Alvis Pettker, Anonymous, Madeline Maldonado
A pastor’s life on the internet 
by Rachel Wallace
Editorial: Courage, dear heart
by Amy Gingerich
In worship: We were created to worship
by Mezgebu Tucho
In the Word:Pleasant boundaries: A goodly heritage
by Richard A. Kauffman
In the family: God with us in place and ritual
by Carrie Martens
In the details: Welcome that does not end
by Katherine Jameson Pitts
In the world: Decompartmentalizing my witness
A therapist analyzes Mark 5
by John Drescher-Lehman
When you fall: Finding help and healing 
by Melissa Hofstetter
Joy ride: A conversation about Philippians 
by Jon Carlson and Becky Degan