Staff Directory

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Executive Office

Amy Gingerich Executive Director, Publisher Cleveland, OH
Steve Carpenter Development Harrisonburg, VA

Finance & Operations

Meg Smeltzer-Miller Finance Officer Harrisonburg, VA
Kimberly Metzler Accountant Harrisonburg, VA
Cindy A. Miller Finance Assistant Harrisonburg, VA


Dorothy Hartman Editorial Assistant Harrisonburg, VA
Melodie Davis Managing Editor Harrisonburg, VA
Valerie Weaver-Zercher Acquisitions Editor Mechanicsburg, PA
Merrill Miller Senior Designer Harrisonburg, VA
Reuben Graham Graphic Designer, Production Manager Harrisonburg, VA
Joan Daggett Shine, Project Director Harrisonburg, VA
Rachel Nussbaum Eby Shine, Managing Editor Elkhart, IN
Chrissie Walls Shine, Project Editor Rochester, NY
Bradley Kauffman Hymnal, Project Director Cincinnati OH
Karen Gonzol Hymnal, Project Assistant Harrisonburg, VA

Marketing & Sales

Joe Questel Director of Sales, Marketing Nashville, TN
LeAnn Hamby Marketing Manager Chattanooga, TN
Alyssa Bennett Smith Digital Marketing Manager Denver, CO

Customer Service

Alma Unrau Customer Service Manager Newton, KS
Mari-Ruth Juhnke Customer Service Assistant Newton, KS
Aileen Esau Customer Service Assistant Newton, KS
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