Salt & Light Supplements

Salt & Light Supplemental Columns are posted weekly on Tuesday.

MennoMedia has made the difficult decision to no longer use online essays as part of the Salt & Light Sunday school curriculum. While this move is regrettable, it is necessary to ensure that the curriculum continues to provide high-quality education in the face of financial challenges. The decision was not made lightly, and we are confident that Salt & Light will continue to provide meaningful and impactful learning experiences, even without the use of multimedia resources. This decision is a necessary step in MennoMedia’s ongoing efforts to provide high-quality education within our means. MennoMedia remains committed to providing Christian education materials, and this decision reflects our dedication to being good stewards of our resources.

S&L Online Summer 2023

Salt & Light Videos

NEW! Salt & Light Videos: These teaching videos are great for leader preparation or introducing each weekly session. The videos are free and available on MennoMedia’s YouTube channel.

S&L Online Spring 2023